Real Estate Agent

Mogie Holm

Real Estate Professional

What I believe

I believe in working with people and providing a no-pressure process.

To me, this means truly consulting with clients, not trying to sell them. My goal is to create a reputation as a trusted, honest agent with integrity and deep market knowledge. I treat people right and give them the tools and information they need to achieve their goals.

How I measure success

I don't base success on the number of transactions completed. While transactions are the outcome of the process, it's not my metric. If I complete transactions I have achieved average success. Instead, I gauge my success on repeat customers because it is a direct indication of whether or not I've helped them reach their goals. Success is not just selling a house. Instead it's building a relationship with my clients which continues on year after year.

How I behave

I treat people how they want to be treated. Whether it's clients, business associates or colleagues, I treat people professionally and respectfully. Truly getting to know my clients and understanding the lifestyle they want allows me to provide a level of service higher than expected.

Mogie Holm

913 W. River Street
Suite 300 Boise, Idaho 83702